W15 Quiz Practice Balancing Equations (OHDELA 23-24) Question Preview (ID: 62428)

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A chemical ___, or formula equation, represents what happens in a chemical reaction.
a) sequence
b) progression
c) procedure
d) equation

Which term does not describe the Arrow in a chemical equation?
a) magnifies
b) yields
c) produces
d) forms

What is placed on the left side of a chemical equation?
a) the products
b) the metals
c) the reactants
d) the nonmetals

What is placed on the right side of a chemical equation?
a) the reactants
b) the products
c) the arrow
d) metalloids

Chemicals remaining once the reaction is complete
a) reactants
b) compounds
c) subscripts
d) products

Chemicals present prior to the reaction taking place
a) reactants
b) products
c) compounds
d) subscripts

In a chemical reaction the mass and _____ of atoms that make up the reactants must be equal to the mass and types of atoms in the products.
a) color
b) types
c) texture
d) shape

In all chemical reactions atoms are______.
a) never created but always destroyed
b) always created and always destroyed
c) never created or destroyed
d) always created but never destroyed

What is a process where one or more elements or compounds are changed into one or more different substances?
a) ionic bond
b) covalent bond
c) displacement
d) chemical reaction

A number placed before a molecule that tells us how many of those molecules we have in the formula.
a) subscript
b) multiplier
c) coefficient
d) exponent

A number placed after an element and below the line that tells us how many atoms of that element are in the molecule.
a) coefficient
b) subscript
c) indicator
d) exponent

We can ____ add a coefficient in front of a chemical formula.
a) never
b) only
c) sometimes
d) rarely

We cannot change or add any ____.
a) coefficients
b) molecules
c) numbers
d) subscripts

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