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Which part of the brain is responsible for primal functions, as for instance breathing?
a) brainstem
b) midbrain
c) cerebrum
d) cerebellum

Which branch of psychology asserts that human behavior is the result of the interplay between subjective emotions and objective sensations?
a) functionalism
b) structuralism
c) psychoanalysis
d) behaviorism

What is the psychological term for the use of self-deception to justify behaviors or ideas that are socially or personally unacceptable?
a) rationalization
b) loss aversion
c) flagellation
d) abstract thinking

According to Abraham Maslow, human behavior is motivated by a _____.
a) formal thought disorder
b) hierarchy of needs
c) coefficient of determination
d) coefficient of determination

What is the psychological term for a mental shortcut that is used to quickly arrive at the answer to a problem?
a) monad
b) anchor
c) heuristic
d) intuition

Who was the proponent of the notion of inherited character traits?
a) William James
b) Sigmund Freud
c) Gordon Allport
d) Abraham Maslow

What kind of drug is typically prescribed to treat schizophrenia?
a) anti-convulsive
b) antiarrhythmic
c) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
d) antipsychotic

What is the psychological term for the ability to recall better the last pieces of information in a series?
a) memory foreclosure
b) hierarchy of order
c) sequential recall
d) serial position or recency effect

In Freud's model of the psyche, which component is responsible for the basic animal drives?
a) ego
b) id
c) limbic system
d) superego

What is the most important determinant of the representation of information in a semantic code?
a) sequence
b) content
c) hierarchy
d) meaning

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