GS1 And 3 Review Data And Measurement Question Preview (ID: 624)

EOC Review For Data Measurement Metric System. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What do we use a line graph for?
a) To compare catagories of data
b) To show relationships between variables
c) To show parts of a whole
d) To show straight lines

What is a pie graph used for?
a) To compare parts of data to the whole
b) To show relationships in data
c) To give comparisions of data types
d) To show weak relationships in data

A weak relationship between variables will look ......
a) like a straight line on a line graph
b) like a negatively slopping line on a line graph
c) like the smallest portion of a pie graph
d) like a non-linear or curved line on a line graph

The entire world does not use the inch/pound method of reporting. Instead this is used ...
a) FDA guidelines for reporting
b) International System of Units or SI
c) Metric System
d) 2 and 3 are the same, and correct answer

What property of matter is measured with a graduated cylinder?
a) liquid volume
b) mass
c) temperature
d) force

Which of the following is incorrect?
a) liquid volume uses Liters of milliliters
b) mass is measured in pounds
c) temperature is measured in celcius
d) length is measured in meters or kilometers

Which is larger a milli, centi, or kilo?
a) milli
b) they are equal
c) centi
d) kilo

What is the appropriate dress for the lab?
a) pulled back hair, closed toe shoes, eye goggles
b) hair pulled back with any shoes
c) eye goggle and hair pulled back
d) gloves, eye goggles, and any shoes

If there is an accident or problem in the lab you must
a) Clean up as quickly as possible
b) Notify the teacher immediately
c) Notify the teacher once you have cleaned your work area
d) Make sure that your lab partner is aware of the situation

Which unit of measurement do the smallest marks on a meter stick measure?
a) millimeter
b) decimeter
c) centimeter
d) meter

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