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What did God promise Noah?
a) that Noah would have many descendents
b) that the earth would never again by destroyed by a flood
c) that Noah would have a long life
d) that God would conquer Noah's enemies

What did God reveal to Moses in the burning bush?
a) his sacred name
b) the secret of everlasting life
c) the time when the world will end
d) the name of the next pharaoh

Joseph, who was sold as a slave, mostly wanted to
a) serve God
b) become free
c) get back at his enemies
d) return home to his father

What did God give to Moses?
a) a burning bush
b) a lamb for a sacrifice
c) the Ten Commandments
d) a golden calf

The Pharoah would not let the Israelites leave Egypt, so God told Moses that he would send GREAT ACTS OF JUDGEMENT to Egypt. We know these as _____
a) ten plagues
b) ten prophets
c) ten commandments
d) ten Hail Marys

When we say that the Catholic Church is holy, we mean that ________
a) Catholics never sin
b) Catholics go to church more often than others
c) Jesus sanctifies us through the actions of the church Jesus.
d) Jesus came to save only Catholics

The feasts of the Ascension and the Assumption are celebrated ______.
a) by giving gifts to our loved ones.
b) by going to Mass as we do on Sundays.
c) by fasting and praying.
d) by a special dinner and special songs.

A short story with a special message is called a
a) proverb
b) Ten Commandments
c) parable
d) miracle

A person who dies rather than gives up his or her belief in Jesus Christ
a) miracle
b) parable
c) covenant
d) martyr

A call from God to serve others in a particular way such as marriage, religious life and single life
a) vocation
b) vacation
c) revelation
d) idolatry

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