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Who is NOT a prophet?
a) Elijah
b) Jeremiah
c) Joseph
d) Hosea

Jacob's name was changed to
a) Isaiah
b) Israel
c) Ezekiel
d) Isaac

How did God reward Joseph for his fidelity?
a) by giving him a new name
b) by making him head of Potiphar's household
c) by selling him into slavery
d) by making him a great ruler in Egypt

The leader od the Israelites who revealed God's commands and led the people out of Egypt was
a) Jacob
b) Moses
c) Esau
d) Isaac

Isaiah was a _______ who spoke to the people on God's behalf and reminded them of the way God wanted them to live.
a) farmer
b) shepherd
c) prophet
d) politician

One important religious truth revealed in the story of Noah is ____________.
a) that God's forgiveness and love, and humanity's goodness, can overcome evil.
b) that stories of the great flood were common in the ancient world.
c) that God destroyed all life on earth.
d) that God does not love His creation.

A patriarch is _________.
a) a father, or founder, of a clan, a group of related families.
b) a ruler of a small walled city
c) as plentiful as the dust of the earth.
d) the Biblical name for the promised land.

God blessed Samson with great __________.
a) wisdom
b) strength
c) beauty
d) wealth

God created _____________ as the high point of creation.
a) the moon
b) Original Sin
c) the Beautiful Garden
d) human beings

The story of Adam and Eve is sometimes called
a) the fall from grace
b) the birth of the devil
c) doomsday
d) days and nights

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