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A sacred song taken from the Bible.
a) Lamentation
b) Gospel
c) Canticle
d) Epistle

Any person outside the Jewish Faith. (All Christians are _____)
a) Gentiles
b) Hebrews
c) Chosen People
d) Israelites

The escape of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. It is also the name of the second Book of the Bible.
a) Genesis
b) Exodus
c) Covenant
d) Deuteronomy

A prayer said by Mary when she visited her cousin Elizabeth. This prayer is said each evening in the Church.
a) Lamentation
b) Hail Holy Queen
c) Magnificat
d) Act of Contrition

The feast that celebrates when the Angel of Death passed over the Israelites at the time of Moses
a) Channukah
b) Passover
c) Easter
d) Christmas

A person sent by God to give us a new vision of what life could be like.
a) Priest
b) Deacon
c) Prophet
d) King

Songs of Praise, Thanksgiving, Forgiveness and Petition found in the Old Testament.
a) Canticles
b) Psalms
c) Prayers
d) Worship

The way God and God's plans are made known to us.
a) New York Times
b) Revelation
c) Creation stories
d) Baptism

Paschal Mystery
a) The Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus
b) The Exodus
c) Gospels and Readings at Mass
d) The reader at Mass and other services in church

How the Holy Spirit helped the writers of the Bible
a) Incarnation
b) Lamentation
c) Inspiration
d) Cooperation

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