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the pitch of a sound is most closely related to the
a) frequency of the sound waves
b) distance from the sound source
c) medium through which the sound travels
d) intensity of the sound

the structure with in the cochlea containing cells that vibrate at different natural frequencies is the
a) eardrum
b) basilar membrane
c) inner ear
d) hammer and anvil

a sonar system measures distance by determining the
a) density of a body of water
b) time it takes for sound to be absorbed
c) difference between regular sound waves and ultrasound
d) time it takes for sound waves to be reflected from a surface

radar works by sending a signal out from an air traffic control tower that is
a) analyzed by a doppler scanner
b) reflected off a plane back to the control tower
c) increased in intensity as it passes through the atmosphere
d) scanned and analyzed by a receiver on the airplane

the color that an object appears to be depends on
a) angle at which visible light is reflected
b) use of additive rather than subtractive colors
c) wavelengths of visible light that reaches your eyes
d) speed with which visible light reaches it

light rays that pass through a lens change direction because
a) of internal reflection
b) they are refracted
c) light is broken u into many different colors
d) virtual images always appear slightly larger than real images

which of these affect the speed of sound
a) loudness
b) frequency
c) temperature
d) resonance

which of these affects the pitch of sound
a) loudness of the sound
b) resonance
c) intensity
d) frequency

what causes the sound of a guitar to get louder as it is palyed
a) infrasound
b) pitch
c) resonance
d) ultrasound

because its molecules ae far apart. sound waves travel slowly through
a) cold air
b) water
c) iron
d) copper

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