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_____ killed his brother Abel.
a) Adam
b) Cain
c) Jacob
d) Joseph

______ was the husband of Sarah who was promised that his descendents would be as many as the stars of the sky.
a) Adam
b) Amos
c) Abraham
d) Andrew

______ tricked his father and took his twin brother's birthright
a) Esau
b) Joseph
c) Jacob
d) Jethro

_____ was sold by his brothers as a slave, but he became a leader in Egypt.
a) Joseph
b) Jacob
c) Isaac
d) Abraham

King Saul and King David were both anointed by ________
a) David
b) Samuel
c) Abraham
d) Moses

The Israelites lived in peace for a long time under the reign of King _____
a) Solomon
b) George
c) Saul
d) David

The great Temple of Israel was built by _________
a) David
b) Solomon
c) Saul
d) Bob the Builder

Abraham's faith and trust in God were so great that he was willing to sacrifice ______
a) Sarah
b) Abel
c) Isaac
d) Solomon

In the Old Testament, God's name was ________ which meant I AM WHO AM.
a) Moses
b) Yaweh
c) Jesus
d) David

a giant of the Philistine Army who was slain by young David
a) Jethro
b) Moses
c) Gulliver
d) Goliath

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