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_________ means to hint or foretell in an Old Testament happening, something which takes place later in the life of Jesus
a) Prefigure
b) Pentecost
c) Prophet
d) Creation Story

The sign of the Holy Spirit's coming in wind and fire is known as the Feast of
a) Prefigure
b) Pentecost
c) Beattitudes
d) Gospel

The teachings of Jesus that describes the way to live as his disciples
a) Blasphemy
b) Blessed Trinity
c) Beatitudes
d) Book of Genesis

Giving false worship to a creature or thing instead of to God
a) lamentation
b) manna
c) idolatry
d) conscience

An agreement between God and His people
a) exodus
b) bargain
c) pact
d) covenant

This word means GOOD NEWS
a) prayer
b) mass
c) gospel
d) petition

God became a man but is also still God
a) Incarnation
b) Inspiration
c) Illegal
d) Canticle

A sweet bread-like food that God provided for the Israelites in the desert
a) Magnificat
b) Matzoh
c) Manna
d) Meatloaf

The ability to know the difference between right and wrong or good and evil
a) conscience
b) brain power
c) revelation
d) lamentation

A sorrow that is expressed in the form of a poem
a) rosary
b) sorrowful mystery
c) lamentation
d) canticle

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