BSCS Biology Review 3 Question Preview (ID: 621)

This Quiz Is A Comprehensive Review Of Topics Discussed During The Freshmen Year BSCS Biology Curriculum. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The function of the alveoli of the lungs is to
a) filter harmful bacteria out of the air taken in by the lungs
b) warm the air before it is taken up by the circulatory system
c) separate the lungs into oxygen-providing and carbon dioxide removing sections
d) provide a large surface area for gas exchange

The red blood cells are primarily responsible for
a) killing invading bacteria
b) transporting food
c) clotting
d) transporting oxygen

For an organism to be considered a pathogen, it must cause
a) decomposition
b) discomfort
c) death
d) disease

Most chemical substances that help regulate growth, development, and cell activity are known as
a) neurons
b) acids
c) bases
d) hormones

Which hormone increases the amount of glucose in the blood?
a) insulin
b) glucagon
c) glycogen
d) starch

Which is part of the body's nonspecific immunity against foreign invaders?
a) mucus in nose/throat
b) saliva and tears
c) skin
d) all of these

What actually causes the death of a person infected with the human immunodeficiency virus and who suffers from AIDS?
a) chemotherapy
b) human immunodeficiency virus
c) an infection or cancer
d) malnutrition of circulatory disease

A hypothesis is most valuable in biology when it can be tested by
a) opinions of the majority
b) observation and experimentation
c) debate among biologists
d) review of available data

Which of the following pairs of terms in biology have the same meaning?
a) measurements and predictions
b) data and facts
c) observation and opinion
d) hypotheses and theories

The basic unit of a nervous system is a
a) brain
b) spinal cord
c) synapse
d) neuron

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