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Thunderstorms form within
a) high altocumulus clouds.
b) high cirrocumulus clouds.
c) large cumulonimbus clouds.
d) low cirrus clouds.

Tornado Alley includes the states of
a) New York and California
b) Florida and North Carolina
c) Texas and Kansas
d) Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Hurricanes typically form over
a) cold ocean water
b) tropical rain forests
c) warm ocean water
d) very dry land masses

The eye of a hurricane
a) has the highest winds
b) has dense clouds
c) produces storm surge
d) is calm

Which of the following sources of weather data would enable a meteorologist to follow the path of an approaching thunderstorm?
a) a chart of data from nearby weather stations
b) radar
c) a network of aneroid barometers
d) weather balloons

In the continental United States, air masses are commonly moved by jet streams and the
a) prevailing westerlies
b) stationary fronts
c) storm surges
d) anticyclones

The prevailing westerlies, the major wind belts over the continental United States, generally push air masses from
a) east to west
b) west to east
c) north to south
d) south to north

One example of a safe place to be during a thunderstorm is
a) riding in a boat
b) swimming in a lake
c) sitting under a tree
d) crouching in a low area

If people are asked to evacuate during a hurricane watch, they are being asked to
a) seek shelter in their homes
b) move away from the windows
c) leave the area temporarily
d) move away permanently

A “dome” of water that sweeps across the coast where a hurricane lands is called a(n)
a) eye
b) storm surge
c) eyewall
d) jet stream

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