BSCS Biology Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 620)

This Quiz Is A Comprehensive Review Of The BSCS Curriculum Discussed During Freshmen Year Biology. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The control center of the cell is the
a) nucleus
b) cell membrane
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) cytoplasm

Osmosis is
a) the means for nutrients to cross cell barriers
b) the simple diffusion of fluids such as water
c) the process of active transport
d) the way cells use energy to dispose of wastes

In diffusion, random motion of molecules tends to move the molecules from where they are
a) less concentrated to where they are more highly concentrated
b) highly concentrated to where they are needed
c) highly concentrated to where they are less concentrated
d) first used for food to where they are eliminated as waste

What is the functioning unit of the kidney?
a) nephron
b) glomerulus
c) alveolus
d) collecting tubule

What is NOT a function of the human kidney?
a) to reabsorb water and excrete salt
b) to produce CO2
c) to remove wastes
d) to make adjustments in blood composition

What is one of the body's responses when the blood temperature goes below 37 degrees Celsius?
a) contraction of surface blood vessels
b) greater blood flow to the skin
c) dilation of blood vessels to arms and legs
d) increased production of sweat

Which is the most acidic?
a) distilled water (6.0)
b) fresh water from a lake (6.8)
c) blood plasma from human (7.5)
d) sea water (8.2)

Hemoglobin is essential to blood because it combines readily with
a) thrombin
b) urea
c) oxygen
d) nutrients

Which is involved in human body temperature regulation?
a) shivering
b) dilation and constriction of blood vessels in the skin
c) sweating
d) all of these

In humans, air is drawn into and pumped out of the lungs by movements of the
a) arms and shoulders
b) lung muscles and trachea
c) trachea and larynx
d) rib muscles and diaphragm

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