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Researchers performing a well-designed experiment should base their conclusions on
a) the hypothesis of the experiment
b) data from repeated trials of the experiment
c) a small sample size to ensure a reliable outcome of the experiment
d) results predicted before performing the experiment

Which statement best describes a scientific theory?
a) It is a collection of data designed to provide support for a prediction.
b) It is an educated guess that can be tested by experimentation.
c) It is a scientific fact that no longer requires any evidence to support it.
d) It is a general statement that is supported by many scientific observations.

The analysis of data gathered during a particular experiment is necessary in order to
a) formulate a hypothesis for that experiment
b) develop a research plan for that experiment
c) design a control for that experiment
d) draw a valid conclusion for that experiment

A scientist is planning to carry out an experiment on the effect of heat on the function of a certain enzyme. Which would not be an appropriate first step?
a) doing research in a library
b) having discussions with other scientists
c) completing a data table of expected results
d) using what is already known about the enzyme

Why do scientists consider any hypothesis valuable?
a) A hypothesis requires no further investigation.
b) A hypothesis may lead to further investigation even if it is disproved by the experiment.
c) A hypothesis requires no further investigation if it is proved by the experiment.
d) A hypothesis can be used to explain a conclusion even if it is disproved by the experiment.

A biologist reported success in breeding a tiger with a lion, producing healthy offspring. Other biologists will accept this report as fact only if
a) research shows that other animals can be crossbred
b) the offspring are given a scientific name
c) the biologist included a control in the experiment
d) other researchers can replicate the experiment

A science researcher is reviewing another scientists's experiment and conclusion. The reviewer would most likely consider the experiment invalid if
a) the sample size produced a great deal of data
b) other individuals are able to duplicate the results
c) it contains conclusions not explained by the evidence given
d) the hypothesis was not supported by the data obtained

Which source would provide the most reliable information for use in a research project investigating the effects of antibiotics on disease-causing bacteria?
a) the local news section of a newspaper from 1993
b) a news program on national television about antigens produced by various plants
c) a current professional science journal article on the control of pathogens
d) an article in a weekly news magazine about reproduction in pathogens

Though scientists study the world from differing perspectives, what must all scientists take into account?
a) universal laws
b) animal behavior
c) temperature differences
d) the importance of biology

A student observes that an organism is green. A valid conclusion that can be drawn from this observation is that
a) the organism must be a plant
b) the organism cannot be single-celled
c) the organism must be an animal
d) not enough information is given to determine whether the organism is a plant or an animal

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