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Which statement describes asexual reproduction?
a) Adaptive traits are usually passed from from parent to offspring without genetic modification.
b) Mutations are not passed from generation to generation
c) It always enables organisms to survive in changing environmental conditions.
d) It is responsible for many new variations in offspring.

Reproduction in humans usually requires
a) the process of cloning
b) mitotic cell division of gametes
c) gametes with chromosomes that are not paired.
d) the external fertilization of sex cells

Meiosis and fertilization are important for the survival of many species because these two processes result in
a) large numbers of gametes
b) increasingly complex multicellular organisms
c) cloning of superior offspring
d) genetic variability of offspring

Which statement is true for both mitosis and meiosis?
a) Both are involved in asexual reproduct
b) Both occur only in reproductive cells
c) The number of chromosomes is reduced by half
d) DNA replication occurs before the division of the nucleus

Human egg cells are most similar to human sperm cell to human sperm cells in their
a) degree of motility
b) amount of stored food
c) chromosome number
d) shape and size

Hereditary traits are transmitted from generation to generation by means of
a) specific sequences of bases in DNA in reproductive cells
b) proteins in body cells
c) carbohydrates in body cells
d) specific starches making up DNA in reproductive cells.

The genetic code of a DNA molecule is determined by a specific sequence of
a) ATP molecules
b) sugar molecules
c) chemical bonds
d) molecular bases

Most of the hereditary information that determines the traits of an organism is located in
a) only those cells of an individual produced by meiosis.
b) the nuclei of body cells of an individual.
c) certain genes in the vacuoles of body cells.
d) the numerous ribosomes in certain cells.

The instructions for the traits of an organism are coded in the arrangement of
a) glucose units in carbohydrate molecules.
b) bases in DNA in the nucleus.
c) fat molecules in the cell membrane
d) energy-rich bonds in starch molecules.

What does the process of transcription produce?
a) tRNA
b) RNA
c) mRNA
d) DNA

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