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How much coal does it take to run your hot water heater for 15 minutes? (1 kilowatt hour.)
a) 1 pound
b) 1 gram
c) 1 ounce
d) none of these

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the intertidal zone?
a) Organisms have to be able to withstand high pressure
b) Organisms have to be able to withstand extremes in temperatures
c) Organisms have to withstand salt and fresh water
d) Organsims have to be able to withstand crashing waves and dessication (drying out.)

Which of the following is a problem associated with the increased use of nuclear energy?
a) all of these
b) cost of building safe nuclear facilities
c) major hazards involved in nuclear waste disposal
d) concern over the possibility of a serious nuclear accident

Which animal would have the greatest chance of survival?
a) two of these are correct
b) one that fed through a food web
c) one that fed through a food chain
d) one that ate a wide variety of prey

Which of the following is an example of a nonpoint source of fresh water pollution?
a) pesticide runoff from farm fields
b) factory waste piped into a stream
c) sewage treatment plant
d) leaking toxic waste landfill

What is true about the garbage island in the Pacific ocean?
a) all of these
b) birds mistake the plastic for plankton and eat the plastic and/or feed it to their chicks
c) plastic photodegrades into smaller and smaller pieces but never quite disappears
d) Plastics mess up the kidneys, liver and reproductive systems of animals that ingest them.

Algae can survive on the seafloor only in ____.
a) shallow areas
b) high density areas
c) deep areas
d) polar areas

How do animals survive in the deeper parts of the seafloor?
a) They feed on each other.
b) They feed at the surface.
c) They photosynthesize.
d) none of these

The Clean Water Act ____.
a) required industries to reduce or eliminate point source pollution in surface waters
b) established National Ambient Air Quality Standards
c) set maximum contaminant levels for pollutants in drinking water
d) required pollution control devices on cars and power plants

What is the function of the atmosphere's ozone layer?
a) shields Earth from harmful solar radiation
b) protects Earth from the sun's heat
c) removes pollution from the atmosphere
d) provides the oxygen needed by human life

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