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According to the conveyor belt model of ocean circulation, what happens when water reaches the poles?
a) The salinity of the water increases.
b) The density of the water decreases.
c) The salinity of the water decreases.
d) The temperature of the water increases.

In addition to salinity, what factor affects the density of seawater?
a) temperature
b) depth
c) salt content
d) latitude

Ocean currents that move toward the poles are ____.
a) warm
b) warm in the Northern Hemisphere and cold in the Southern Hemisphere
c) cold in the Northern Hemisphere and warm in the Southern Hemisphere
d) cold

The Gulf Stream affects the climate of ____.
a) Great Brittain (England)
b) Africa
c) California
d) Alaska

The horizontal distance between two successive crests is called the ____.
a) wavelength
b) wave height
c) wave period
d) fetch

The movement of water along the shore is called a____.
a) longshore current
b) salinity current
c) beach drift
d) tidal current

When is the daily tidal range greatest?
a) spring tide
b) ebb tide
c) neap tide
d) flood tide

Which of the following is NOT associated with upwelling?
a) horizontal water movements
b) increased plankton population
c) vertical water movements
d) increased nutrients at the ocean surface

Which of the following best describes the ocean bottom?
a) all of these
b) high pressure
c) dark
d) cold

What term describes organisms that live on or in the ocean floor?
a) benthos
b) pelagic
c) nekton
d) plankton

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