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A ridge of sand projecting into a bay and often having a hooked end is a ____
a) spit
b) sea stack
c) jetty
d) groin

The accumulation of sediment found along the shore of a lake or ocean is called a ____.
a) beach
b) neap tide
c) longshore current
d) sea arch

The sawing and grinding action of rock fragments in the water is called ____.
a) abrasion
b) upwelling
c) refraction
d) deposition

Waves in shallow water become bent and begin to run parallel to shore, a process known as ____.
a) refraction
b) reflection
c) erosion
d) oscillation

Which of the following decreases beach erosion without the construction of protective structures?
a) beach nourishment
b) breakwater
c) seawall
d) groin

Which of the following describes the movement of sand parallel to the shore?
a) all of these
b) It is an important reason for the construction of groins.
c) It is achieved by longshore currents.
d) It may create spits.

Which of the following is designed to prevent or slow shoreline erosion?
a) all of these
b) breakwater
c) beach nourishment
d) groin

Which ocean has the greatest average depth?
a) Pacific
b) Atlantic
c) Indian
d) Arctic

Which of the following is NOT considered one of the four major oceans?
a) Antarctic
b) Atlantic
c) Pacific
d) Arctic

What amount of Earth\'s total water supply is usable fresh water?
a) less than 1%
b) 75%
c) 25%
d) 50%

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