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From fossil skulls, scientists can reconstruct
a) whether tools were made and used
b) facial and scalp hair
c) skin color and texture
d) brain size and probably intelligence

Fossil evidence suggests that humans evolved in
a) Europe.
b) South America
c) Asia
d) Africa

Scientists who study fossil remains and identify extinct organisms are called
a) meteorologists
b) pathologists
c) paleontologists
d) geologists

Which of the following CORRECTLY matches a part of the brain with its function?
a) cerebrum-controls breathing and circulation
b) cerebellum-coordinates movement
c) brain stem-concious thoughts and activity
d) cerebellum-controls memory

If the evolutionary theory that organisms arise from a common ancestor is correct then,
a) older fossils will have smaller populations
b) older rock layers should have a greater variety of fossils
c) older fossils should be more complex
d) older rock layers should have fewer types of fossils

Which of the following steps in human evolution appears to have occurred first?
a) development of language
b) large brain
c) bipedalism
d) use of tools

The _____ of a primte, dolphin, or whale is much larger than this brain region in other mammals.
a) cerebral cortex (cerebrum)
b) brainstem
c) cerebellum
d) spinal cord

Which of the following is NOT evidence for the role of endosymbiosis in the origin of eukaryotes?
a) Chloroplasts have their own DNA.
b) Mitrochondria reproduce like bacteria (using binary fission).
c) Mitochondria and chloroplasts are surrounded by two membranes.
d) The DNA in the nucleus codes for some enzymes in mitochondria.

What term is given to the different factors that may affect the results of an experiment?
a) measurements
b) procedures
c) variables
d) outcomes

The sophisticated (complex) behavior of mammals and birds is directly related to
a) their relatively large cerebrum
b) the presence of a hindbrain
c) the presence of a cerebellum
d) the presence of a brain stem

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