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a) I don't find my library book and pencil.
b) I don't find my library book, I won't be able to get a new one today.
c) I don't find my library book somewhere in my room.
d) If I find my book and if I get my homework done.

a) the boy walked away.
b) can I have an ice cream cone.
c) the girl nor the boy wanted to play basketball.
d) the girl or the boy wanted to play basketball.

a) when I went looking for my backpack, it was gone.
b) you want to have some fun.
c) you can work on your assignment.
d) I went to the store and bought, apples, bananas, and peaches.

We can't eat until...
a) we don't get our food.
b) we can't find our forks.
c) and then we can eat dessert.
d) we pick up our food.

As a consequence..
a) of interrupting your brother, you will have to be silent for the rest of dinner.
b) you are grounded.
c) for cheating on the test.
d) the rain didn't stop and when it did it was all wet on the ground.

a) it's sunny outside, we can play on the playground.
b) I read the book, I won't be ready for the test.
c) I run 3 miles everyday, I'll be ready for the race.
d) the children are here, they can learn the lesson.

a) you go to the bathroom, wash your hands.
b) you find a seat in the classroom.
c) the assembly starts, listen to the speaker.
d) you go to the store, let's make a list.

a) I went into the kitchen.
b) the boy was sitting, the girl was sitting too.
c) I am very tall, I don't play basketball very well.
d) the game won't start until we're all sitting down.

a) of the white flowers, I'd like the red flowers.
b) of the books and the money.
c) I went to the movies.
d) the man brought me two scoops of ice cream for dessert.

a) we found our camera and took many pictures.
b) we walked along the beach, we heard the waves crashing against the sand.
c) the boy didn't even say he was sorry, then he did.
d) the girl brushed her hair and the boy brushed his teeth.

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