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Which of the following is a characteristic of the coniferous forest?
a) Cone bearing trees
b) Broad leaf size
c) Losing leaves before winter
d) Warmer temperatures

Which of the following is NOT an indicator plant species of the coniferous forest?
a) Black Spruce
b) Oak
c) Tamarack
d) Balsam Fir

What is another name for the Northern coniferous forest?
a) Taiga
b) Boreal Forest
c) Two of the answers are correct
d) Tundra

A predator-prey relationship of the coniferous forest is.....
a) Gray Wolf - Moose
b) Gray Fox - Rabbit
c) Leopard - Capuchin Monkey
d) Sidewinder Snake - Kangaroo Rat

Coniferous trees have leaves that are typically...
a) Simple
b) Lobed
c) Needle-like
d) Toothed

Coniferous trees are better adapted to fire than deciduous trees because...
a) their rings grow faster
b) they have thicker bark.
c) they store more water.
d) they are evergreen trees.

How are the seeds of conifers dispersed?
a) Animals pull seeds out of cones.
b) Cones ripen and drop seeds
c) Fire opens the cone and seeds disperse.
d) All of the answers are correct.

Which of the following animals is found in the coniferous forest?
a) Boreal Chickadee
b) Pack Rat
c) Eastern Hognose Snake
d) Harpy Eagle

How do the small leaves of conifers help them adapt to their enivronment?
a) It minimizes water loss.
b) It protects against the cold.
c) Reduces the amount of snow caught on the tree.
d) All of the answers are correct.

Coniferous forests are located...
a) near the equator
b) between the Tundra and the deciduous forest.
c) only in the southern hemisphere.
d) between 15 and 35 degrees N and S latitude.

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