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Deciduous means....
a) to be a decisive person.
b) four seasons.
c) to fall off or shed.
d) to change colors.

Which of the following is a characteristic of the deciduous forest?
a) Large seeds
b) Evergreen trees
c) Two growing seasons
d) Needle-like leaves

Which of the following layers of the forest is thickest during the summer?
a) Herb Layer
b) Tree Stratum
c) Shrub Layer
d) Forest floor

Which of the following is NOT an adaptation of animals to the climate change in the deciduous forest?
a) Migration
b) Hibernation
c) Storing food for winter
d) Being nocturnal

Which of the following trees in NOT an indicator of the deciduous forest?
a) Scotch Pine
b) Red Oak
c) American Basswood
d) Sugar Maple

Why do deciduous trees drop their leaves?
a) To conserve water loss.
b) They can't protect the leaves from freezing in winter.
c) To conserve and store more nutrients for winter.
d) All of the answers are correct.

A predator-prey relationship of the deciduous forest is....
a) Gray fox - Rabbit
b) Gray Wolf - Moose
c) Leopard - Capuchin Monkey
d) Sidewinder Snake - Kangaroo Rat

Oak Wilt is a disease that is caused by....
a) the tree's inherited genes.
b) an invasive, parasitic insect.
c) a invasive, parasitic fungus.
d) a bacteria.

The climate in a deciduous forest...
a) is always cold and dry.
b) stays the same all year.
c) is humid and warm.
d) ranges from cold in winter to warm in summer.

Which of the following statements is true of the deciduous forest?
a) It is less dense than the rainforest.
b) The trees grow very close to one another.
c) It has colder temperatures than the coniferous forest.
d) It is warmer and more humid than the rainforest.

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