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Who is George Washington?
a) 1st U.S. President and is known as the Father of Our Country
b) a man who won a Nobel Peace Prize
c) the first African American Supreme Court Justice
d) a man who helped free the slaves

Why did Martin Luther King Jr. win a Nobel Peace Prize?
a) because he was African American
b) because he helped to find peaceful ways for all people to live together
c) because he flew across the Atlantic Ocean
d) because he was a President

What holiday honors all the brvae men and women who fought and died for our country?
a) Thanksgiving
b) Veteran's Day
c) Mardi Gras
d) Memorial Day

Who was the first African American Supreme Court Justice?
a) Martin Luther King Jr.
b) Paul Revere
c) Thurgood Marshall
d) Abraham Lincoln

What holiday is celebrated in November to remember the first good hravest the Pilgrims had?
a) Thanksgiving
b) Chinese New Year
c) Mardi Gras
d) Kwanza

This holiday is celebrated for a week in December by African Americans with storytelling, dancing, and a feast
a) Mardi Gras
b) Kwanza
c) Memorial Day
d) Christmas

On July 4th we celebrate Americans' freedom. What is this holiday called?
a) summer
b) Labor Day
c) Chinese New Year
d) Independence Day

Who was the 16th President and helped to free slaves?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Amelia Earhart
c) George Washington
d) Thomas Jefferson

This holiday honors elders and thier ancestors.
a) 4th of July
b) Thanksgiving
c) Chinese New Year
d) Kwanza

What holiday celebrates the beginning of the Lent season with parades and costumes?
a) Cinco de Mayo
b) Mardi Gras
c) Kwanza
d) Independence Day

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