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Why did the Texans send Houston and Goyens to visit the Cherokee
a) to take their land
b) to negotiate a peace treaty
c) to seek volunteers and raise money
d) to remove the artillery and destroy it

Who was the first commander of the Texas troops?
a) Sam Houston
b) James "Jim" Bowie
c) Stephen F. Austin
d) Ben Milam

What was the new Texas Constitution of 1836 modeled after?
a) United States Constitution
b) Declaration of Independence
c) The Consultation of 1835
d) The Texas Declaration of Independence

What did the flag the rebels at Gonzales flew say?
a) "Will Take No Prisoners"
b) "Love for Mexico"
c) "Come and Take It"
d) "We Will Prevail"

What does the red flag of no quarter mean?
a) come and take it
b) will take no prisoners
c) Texas Declaration of Independence
d) love of Mexico

What did Santa Anna believe after the capture of the Alamo?
a) that he was a war hero
b) he would be the next commander of the Texas army
c) That he would be able to fight Sam Houston next
d) He had achieved a total victory over Texas

Sam Houston sent James "Jim" Bowie to the Alamo to do what?
a) Remove the artillery and destroy it
b) fight Santa Anna
c) give a message to the people there
d) take supplies and volunteers

Following the battle of Gonzales the next move in the Revolution for Texas was what?
a) attack the Alamo
b) negotiate a peace treaty
c) write the Texas Declaration of Independence
d) formed a volunteer army and decided to attack the Mexican at Goliad

After the fight at San Antonio, what did nearly all Texans think Santa Anna would do?
a) Fight for other parts of Texas
b) Permit them to create a separate state under the Constitution of 1824
c) that he would lack clear goals and leadership
d) that he would seek a peaceful resolution and remain loyal to Mexico

What is the name of the important document created at the Consultation of 1835
a) Constitution
b) Declaration of INdependence
c) Declaration of Nov. 07,1835
d) Texas Declaration of Independence

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