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Who was sent by Sam Houston to the Alamo to evaluate the situation there in January of 1836?
a) Francita Alvarez
b) Ben Milam
c) Sam Houston
d) James \

Who was known as the \
a) James \
b) Francita Alvarez
c) Juan Seguin
d) Stephen F. Austin

What are the first four battles of the Texas Revolution?
a) Battle of San Antonio, Alamo, Grass Fight, Mission Conception
b) Alamo, Battle of San Antonio, Mission Conception, Gonzales
c) Battle of San Antonio, Grass Fight, Goliad, Gonzales
d) Gonzales, Goliad, Mission Conception, and Grass Fight

After this battle all Mexican troops retreated from Texas?
a) The Battle of San Antonio
b) Mission Concepcion
c) Alamo
d) The Grass Fight

WHo was the officer elected to replace Edward Burleson as commander of the Texas army?
a) Stephen F. Austin
b) James \
c) Sam Houston
d) General Urrea

At what battle did the Texans ambush the Mexican troops and steal supplies
a) Gonzales
b) Mission Concepcion
c) The Grass Fight
d) Goliad

Texas were seeking a new headquarters when they ended up surrounded at this location
a) The Grass Fight
b) Alamo
c) The Battle of San Antonio
d) Mission Concepcion

Texan who led the charge into San Antonio
a) Ben Milam
b) Juan Seguin
c) Stephen F. Austin
d) Sam Houston

By 1835 why were many Texans upset?
a) Because they had their supplies stolen in The Grass Fight
b) Because Santa Anna would not restore the Constitution of 1824
c) because they could not come to a peaceful resolution and remain loyal to Mexico
d) because they could not find a new headquarters location

What did the Declaration of November 7, 1835 warn Mexico about?
a) Mexico would no longer have nay people or supplies
b) There would have to be a peace treaty
c) That is the Constitution were not restored Texas would declare independence from Mexico
d) Texas would take all the land

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