Hamfkid Units 38 39 Question Preview (ID: 61402)

Perek Hamfkid Don't Sell Fruits You Are Watching. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

if you have fruit that is המורת and you need to sell them you should:
a) sell them for very cheep
b) sell them to a ןהכ
c) you can never sell them

ןנחוי יבר says?
a) you never sell the fruit no matter what
b) if the fruit is spoiling more than normal you sell it right away

how much is מעשר?
a) 10%
b) 20%
c) 1/50
d) 5%

is it common for fruit to spoil?
a) yes
b) no
c) תקולחמ

when we say a person prefers one of his own over nine of his friends,
a) we meant it literally
b) we were exaggerating

תרומה is eaten by?
a) ישראל
b) לוי
c) כהן
d) non of the above

food that has been fixed and can now be eaten by everyone is called
a) חולין
b) מעשר
c) טבל
d) תרומה

why should a רמוש not sell the fruit?
a) we don't care if it will spoil
b) a person prefers on of his own more than 9 of his friend

why should a שומר not sell the fruit?
a) maybe the owner made it into תרומה and מעשר
b) its not the שומר's fruit, so he has no right to sell it

Fruit that grows in Israel may not be eaten. It is called?
a) חולין
b) תרומה
c) טבל
d) מעשר

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