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What are some differences between mRNA and tRNA?
a) tRNA is a molecule bringing an amino acid
b) both are straight chains, tRNA has thymine mRNA has uracil
c) tRNA has a double strand
d) mRNA is only found in animals, tRNA in plants

The process where DNA makes a copy of itself is called
a) Transcription
b) Replication
c) Translation
d) mitosis

A DNA segments chanes from ggTtag to ggAtag this is a(n)
a) Framshift mutation
b) point mutation
c) deletion
d) translation

Which mutation would likely cause the greatest impact
a) Point mutation
b) Frameshift mutation
c) Translation
d) Transcription

The pairing of ___ in DNA is the main reason DNA is able to make copies of itself
a) phosphate molecules
b) deoxyribose molecules
c) nitrogen bases
d) Peptide bonds

The process of converting RNA code into a sequence of amino acids is called:
a) transcription
b) translation
c) replication
d) mutation

During transcription DNA serves a code to make a sequence of
a) mRNA
b) tRNA
c) amino acids
d) peptide bonds

The DNA codon AGA codes for Arginine. The sequence of steps would be
a) AGA to UCU to tRNA molecule holding Arginine
b) Arginine to mRNA to DNA segment: AGA
c) DNA segment AGA to mRNA segment AGA to amino acid arginine
d) mRNA to DNA segment AGA to amino acid arginine

DNA is in the following shape:
a) Double Helix
b) Long chain that winds around itself (like a rope)
c) In clumps of three nucleotides with an amino acid attached
d) A five sided sugar molecule

Who is credited with the discovery of DNA
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Charles Darwin
c) Larry S., Curly S., Moe S.
d) James Watson, Francis Crick, and Rosalind Franklin

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