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Most energy on earth originates from the
a) sun
b) moon
c) venus
d) Mars

Molecules spread out and move faster when the temperature is
a) hot
b) cold
c) rainy
d) mild

The gradual increase in the temperature of the atmosphere due to trapped heat is known as
a) water cycle
b) the greenhouse effect
c) global warming
d) Earth's energy budget

On a hot summer day at the beach, a person would expect
a) water to heat up faster than sand
b) water and sand to heat up equally
c) water and sand to remain the same temperature
d) sand to heat up faster than water

When objects near Earth's surface TOUCH
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) water

Thermal energy distributed in a cycle of as rising and falling pattern
a) convection
b) radiation
c) conduction
d) water cycle

Which energy transformation occurs when you use a hair dryer?
a) chemical to electrical
b) thermal to electrical
c) electrical to thermal
d) electrical to chemical

Energy made possible by the flow of electrons
a) electrical
b) chemical
c) mechanical
d) thermal

The energy in an object due to its motion or position
a) mechanical
b) electical
c) chemical
d) thermal

Also called heat energy
a) electrical
b) chemical
c) mechanical
d) thermal

Energy that travels by waves or electromagnetic radiation
a) chemical
b) electrical
c) Radiant
d) thermal

What absorbs most UV rays emitted by the sun before it reaches Earth?
a) ozone layer
b) greenhouse gases
c) clouds
d) water vapor

Type of heat transfer that occurs when the sun heats your body
a) convection
b) radiation
c) conduction
d) circulation

The lunch you ate today will be transferred from chemical energy to what type of energy when you play sports?
a) mechanical
b) solar
c) electical
d) chemical

The energy stored in a battery is
a) chemical
b) electical
c) mechanical
d) thermal

Another name for radiant energy is
a) light
b) thermal
c) chemical
d) electrical

Which is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) wind
b) coal
c) gas
d) oil

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