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Which of the following removes nutrients during processing, then adds them back?
a) enriched grains
b) fortified grains
c) whole grains
d) none of the above

Which of the following would NOT be a good source of fiber?
a) whole wheat bread
b) bran cereal
c) an apple
d) a doughnut

What part of the plant cell makes fiber undigestible?
a) cell wall
b) cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) central vacuole

Fiber improves digestion by:
a) attracting water, softening stools
b) supplying bulk to push against
c) regular bowel movements
d) all of the above

Which starch would result in a slower rise in blood glucose?
a) white rice
b) white bread
c) enriched pasta
d) whole wheat bread

This complex carbohydrate in fruits, vegetables, breads, and cereals determines how rapidly blood glucose levels rise
a) fiber
b) starch
c) glucose
d) fructose

The two main types of complex carbohydrates are:
a) soluble and insoluble
b) mono- and disaccharides
c) complete and incomplete
d) starches and fiber

Complex carbohydrates are found in:
a) fruits and vegetables
b) bread and cereals
c) both A and B
d) neither A nor B

Complex carbohydrates are formed from:
a) long chains of simple carbs
b) fiber
c) starch
d) none of the above

Whole grains contain:
a) only the bran
b) all parts of the organ
c) the germ and the bran
d) the endosperm and bran

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