Unit 12 And 13 Review: Macroeconomics And Human Development Question Preview (ID: 61374)

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The United States Government promotes marketplace competition by —
a) Engaging in global trade
b) Working to build trusts
c) Encouraging monopolies
d) Prohibiting start-up businesses

The government sets guidelines for producing goods and services to —
a) Decrease the prices of products
b) Increase the prices of products
c) Allow businesses to operate freely
d) Protect the health and safety of consumers

Which of the following policies is a primary goal of the Federal Reserve System?
a) Undermine the banking system of the U.S.
b) Provide relief and bailout to failed banks
c) Ensure 100% employment across the country
d) Decrease consumer spending

Local governments are the only ones who have the authority to levy which type of tax?
a) Income taxes
b) Sales taxes
c) Property taxes
d) Import/Export taxes

Which statements describe the principles of a state sales tax?
a) Sales taxes are progressive based on a consumer's income to redistribute wealth.
b) States that do not have a sales tax are acting unconstitutionally.
c) States have the authority to determine the tax rate on the sale of goods.
d) States do not rely on sales tax. They rely on property taxes.

How does the federal government finance itself?
a) Taking out a mortgage
b) Selling treasury bonds
c) Fining corporations
d) Levying taxes on income

Which of the following choices are examples of a good or service provided by the government?
a) Postal service by the mail carrier
b) Taxi service provided at the airport
c) Food provided by your favorite restaurant
d) Safety provided by the lifeguard at the club pool

U.S. currency is created by--
a) The government
b) Businesses
c) The stock market
d) Banks

The U.S. government promotes marketplace competition by--
a) Creating laws to protect trusts
b) Enforcing antitrust legislation
c) Working to help monopolies
d) Limiting global trade

Private property is protected by —
a) Enforceable contracts
b) Security Exchange Commission
c) Federal Reserve
d) Federal Trade Commission

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