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Which of the following is NOT a waste your body must get rid of?
a) water
b) carbon dioxide
c) mucus
d) urea

What are the major organs of excretion?
a) urea
b) kidneys
c) ureters
d) urine

What is the watery fluid that contains urea and other wastes?
a) urine
b) mucus
c) sweat
d) water

What is the chemical that comes from the breakdown of proteins?
a) urine
b) kidneys
c) urea
d) glucose

The process of removing wastes from the body is
a) respiration
b) excretion
c) circulation
d) digestion

What are the tiny structures in the kidneys that remove wastes from the blood and produce urine??
a) ureas
b) kids
c) capillaries
d) nephrons

Why does a doctor want to do a chemical analysis of your urine?
a) Because of the color.
b) Because of the smell.
c) Because it tells a lot about whats going on in you body.
d) Because it tells what you ate.

What organ stores urine?
a) ureter
b) urinary bladder
c) urethra
d) kidney

Through what organ does urine leave the body?
a) kidney
b) urethra
c) urinary bladder
d) ureter

Which organ cleans your blood?
a) kidney
b) heart
c) ureter
d) bladder

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