HFC Modern World History Final Exam 2023 Question Preview (ID: 61332)

Chapters 29-48 Story Of The World. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Why did the United States declare war on the British in 1812?
a) The Americans wanted to capture more land in Canada.
b) The British had been raiding American ships for soldiers to fight Napoleon.
c) The British refused to sell goods to American merchants.
d) All of the above

Which of the following does NOT describe the French planters in St. Domingue (Haiti)?
a) They lived like French aristocrats.
b) They gave elaborate balls and parties.
c) They had to work hard on their plantations.
d) They lived in huge mansions and spent lots of money.

Who organized the slaves in St. Domingue (Haiti) into an army?
a) Jean-Jacques Dessaline
b) Toussaint L’Ouverture
c) Charles Victor Emmanuel Leclerc
d) Maximilien de Robespierre

How was a English factory worker paid?
a) He was paid for each piece he made.
b) He was given free cloth rather than money.
c) He was paid a yearly salary.
d) He was paid by the hour.

How were the working conditions of the factory difficult for the children who worked there?
a) They had to work long hours.
b) They had to stand all day in front of machines.
c) They breathed in the fine white dust from the cotton, which hurt their lungs.
d) All of the above.

What did Lewis and Clark do that would help people who wanted to head west in the future?
a) They made treaties with all of the Indian tribes.
b) They built many forts all along their journey.
c) They made detailed maps.
d) All of the above.

Who first tried to convince the people of Venezuela to drive out the Spanish?
a) Simón Bolívar
b) Francisco de Miranda
c) José de San Martín
d) Joseph Bonaparte

How did Napoleon provide Venezuela with a chance to be free?
a) He took the throne away from the Spanish king and occupied the Spanish army
b) He sent his brother with an army to help the people of Venezuela.
c) He invaded Venezuela’s neighbors.
d) All of the above

The Spanish convinced the ___________________ to fight against Bolívar.
a) Africans
b) Poorer cowboys
c) Native Americans
d) Wealthy landowners

Why did Don Miguel order his men to retreat when they reached Mexico City?
a) He was afraid that the Spanish had set a trap for them.
b) The Spanish leaders had bribed him to retreat.
c) He was afraid they would kill innocent people as they did in Guanajuato.
d) He knew the Spanish soldiers were too strong for them to defeat.

Why did the British Parliament refuse to make slavery illegal?
a) Landowners said that they could not survive without slaves.
b) No one believed the stories about how horrible slavery was.
c) English merchant ships made too much money selling slaves.
d) All of the above

After slavery was outlawed, the British began to buy goods such as sugar, cotton, and tobacco from ______________________.
a) India
b) China
c) The United States
d) South America

When the British conquered the Dutch settlement in South Africa, what did they do that greatly angered many of the Dutch people living there?
a) They made slavery illegal.
b) They forced the Dutch to pay taxes to the British king.
c) They made English the official language of the colony.
d) They persecuted the Dutch Catholics.

When the Dutch settlers moved and attempted to make friends with the native Africans, what did the new African king do?
a) He welcomed them and gave a great feast in their honor.
b) He made them sign a treaty promising not to take any more land.
c) He told them to go home.
d) He ordered them all put to death.

When American settlers wanted to build houses on Native American land, what were they supposed to do?
a) Make sure no Native Americans were living there first.
b) Ask the Native American chief for permission.
c) Ask the United States government for permission.
d) Pay for the land and sign a treaty explaining that the Native Americans had agreed to sell it.

The Indian Removal Act said that the President could now take Native American land without asking for it, as long as he _____.
a) Gave the Native Americans an equal amount of land in the unsettled west.
b) Paid the Native Americans a fair price
c) Got approval from Congress first
d) All of the above

When planters in the South heard stories about ______, they became very worried.
a) The French Revolution
b) The bankrupt planters in England
c) South American rebels
d) The revolt on St. Domingue

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