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Which is a border state?
a) Kentucky
b) Minnesota
c) Tennessee
d) West Virginia

Which was a confederate state?
a) Tennessee
b) New Hampshire
c) Pennsylvania
d) Wisconsin

Which was a Union State?
a) South Carolina
b) Florida
c) Indiana
d) Arkansas

Which is a Union state?
a) North Carolina
b) Maryland
c) Louisiana
d) Michigan

Which was NOT a border state?
a) Maryland
b) New York
c) Deleware
d) Missouri

Which was NOT a Union State?
a) Illinois
b) West Virginia
c) North Carolina
d) Oregon

Which of these was a Confederate state?
a) Arkansas
b) Ohio
c) Vermont
d) Wisconsin

Which of these was a Union state during the Civil War?
a) Texas
b) South Carolina
c) New Jersey
d) Alabama

A state that had slavery and left the union was
a) Confederate
b) Union
c) Border
d) None of these

A state that has slavery and stayed in the Union was a
a) Union State
b) Confederate State
c) Border State
d) None of these

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