U.S. History - Unit 11 (SSUSH22b) Question Preview (ID: 61311)

Domestic Issues Of The 1970s. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

'Silent Spring' made Americans aware of the dangers of:
a) pesticides
b) poverty
c) the depletion of the ozone layer
d) deforestation

Earth Day was a holiday created for Americans who wanted:
a) a healthy, sustainable society
b) equality for women
c) rights for workers
d) ####

The massive support of environmentalism in the 1970s led to:
a) the creation of the EPA
b) passage of the 22nd Amendment
c) the resignation of Richard Nixon
d) the reversal of global warming

NOW was created to bring equality to:
a) women
b) African-Americans
c) Latinos
d) American Indians

During Richard Nixon's second term as president, it was discovered that the Nixon campaign:
a) received illegal campaign contributions
b) threatened the Republican Party
c) committed election fraud
d) ####

The Watergate scandal involved:
a) a burglary authorized by Richard Nixon
b) selling nuclear secrets to China
c) the bribing of Supreme Court justices
d) ####

Due to the Watergate Scandal, the House of Representatives:
a) was prepared to issue articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon
b) was almost dismissed by Richard Nixon
c) ###
d) ####

On August 9, 1974:
a) Richard Nixon resigned the presidency
b) the impeachment trial of Richard Nixon began
c) the Iranian Hostage Crisis ended
d) Richard Nixon began a visit in China

How did Gerald Ford respond to criminal charges issued against Richard Nixon?
a) Ford pardoned Nixon.
b) Ford instructed the FBI to arrest Nixon.
c) Ford allowed the judicial branch to determine Nixon's fate.
d) ####

The Watergate scandal led to:
a) a greater distrust of the government
b) more trust in the government
c) ###
d) ####

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