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Which best explains the main source of British conflict with the American Indians?
a) Gold and silver
b) Religious Beliefs
c) Competition for furs
d) Land usage and ownership

The columbian exchange refers to the movement of natural resources, goods, and ideas between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Which group most benefited from these interactions?
a) African merchants
b) European Governments
c) Spanish explorers
d) Indigenous people of North and South America

Give me liberty or Give me death. -Patrick Henry What was Patrick Henry’s role in the American Revolution?
a) He wrote the declaration of Independence
b) He convinced France to fight with the American colonists.
c) He motivated colonists to rebel against British rule
d) He led the Continental Army to victory at Yorktown.

What has been a major reason people have come to Michigan in the past?
a) The diverse geography
b) The representative state government
c) Religious tolerance promoted by the state
d) Jobs related to the auto industry

Why did the French originally explore and settle in Michigan?
a) They trapped and traded fur
b) They were seeking religious tolerance
c) They grew tea to compete with England
d) They were seeking independence from France.

Which statement best describes an impact of the Columbian Exchange?
a) Africans and American Indians lost technology while Europeans began growing new crops.
b) Europeans and Africans experienced a decrease in population while American Indians experienced an increase in population.
c) Europeans and American Indians gained new crops while Africans experienced forced migration.
d) Africans and Europeans experienced a decline in wealth while American Indians experienced an increase in wealth.

British, French, Dutch, and Spanish explorers came to the Americas in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. How were the indigenous people of North America impacted by these European explorers?
a) Many became wealthy through trade
b) Many were forced off of their traditional lands
c) Many adopted European customs and traditions
d) Many chose to immigrate to Europe

The settlers built farms in areas where only American Indians once hunted and lived. Soon, there was a series of conflicts between the British soldiers, settlers, and the American Indians of the region. What conflict did this lead to?
a) Family customs
b) How land would be used
c) Methods of transportation
d) Kind of currency used for trade.

Why was the Erie Canal important to Michigan Statehood?
a) It opened up trade with American Indians
b) It provided water for irrigation
c) It helped people move into the Michigan territory
d) It was a major transportation route for soldiers and ammunition

Which happened first?
a) Michigan territory created
b) Michigan becomes the 26th state.
c) Treaty of Saginaw opens Indian lands to white settlement
d) Toledo War settles boundary between Michigan and Ohio

Michigan’s upper peninsula has copper and Iron ranges. What industries most likely developed as a result of the natural resources in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula?
a) Lumber and Furniture Making
b) Mining and Shipping
c) Manufacturing and tourism
d) Food processing and farming

Which best explains why Detroit has been and continues to be a center of economic activity?
a) Fertile farmland
b) Large workforce
c) Access to transportation routes
d) Access to military protection

What series of events led to the design of the flag of Detroit?

a) U.S. Control of Detroit, German Control of Detroit, American Indian Control of Detroit
b) Dutch control of Detroit, British control of Detroit, Canadian Control of Detroit
c) Spanish control of Detroit, British control of Detroit, Iroquois Nation control of Detroit
d) French control of Detroit, British Control of Detroit, U.S. Control of Detroit

Which happened BEFORE the citizens of Michigan wrote a state constitution?
a) Michigan citizens formed a territorial militia
b) Michigan created a public education system
c) Railroads and. canals linked Michigan to eastern states
d) A certain population level was reached in Michigan territory

Jacques Cartier searched for a western passage to Asia. Henry Hudson tried to reach China by sailing North. What goal did these men share?
a) Finding gold in the new lands
b) Spreading religion to the new lands
c) Opening new trade routes to the far east
d) Creating new military forts in the far east

What best explains the difference between how American Indians and early European settlers used natural resources?
a) Many American Indians did not think natural resources were valuable
b) Many Europeans thought the natural resources of North America were unlimited
c) European settlers did not know how to grow or use many of North America’s natural resources
d) American Indians were hunter-gatherers an only used the natural resources they could carry.

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