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Vocabulary To Talk To A Health Provider. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

¿Qué le duele?
a) What hurts.
b) What's wrong?
c) Are you ok?
d) What's up?

Tengo tos.
a) I have a fever.
b) I have a pain.
c) I have a cough.
d) I have a cold.

Me duele la cabeza.
a) My stomach hurts.
b) My head hurts.
c) My throat hurts.
d) My back hurts.

Estoy mareado(a).
a) I'm dizzy.
b) I am sick.
c) I hurt.
d) I am a marine.

Necesita una operación
a) You need medicine.
b) You need surgery.
c) You need to go to the hospital.
d) You need to rest.

Me duelen los dientes.
a) My feet hurt.
b) My ears hurt.
c) My eyes hurt.
d) My teeth hurt.

Tengo fiebre.
a) I have a cough.
b) I have the flu.
c) I have a fever.
d) I have a cold.

Me duele la garganta.
a) My back hurts.
b) My knee hurts.
c) My neck hurts.
d) My throat hurts.

Necesita descansar.
a) You need to exercise.
b) You need to rest
c) You need eat.
d) You need to drink water.

Me siento fatal.
a) I feel terrible.
b) I feel great.
c) I feel sick.
d) I feel bad.

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