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An independent variable is a what?
a) A variable that changes on purpose in an experiment
b) A variable that stays the same
c) Result of your experiment
d) An experiment doesn't have a variable

Why is it important that scientists conclusions are based on evidence?
a) In order for the scientific community to accept it, it has to be based on facts.
b) It does not have to be based on evidence or facts
c) Conclusions are not important in science
d) In order for the scientific community to accept it, it has to be based on opinions

What is evidence?
a) A conclusion based on observation
b) Step by step instructions
c) Facts that make you believe something is true
d) An opinion

What is an inference?
a) An observation
b) A conclusion based on an observation
c) A guess
d) A prediction

What is the main purpose of the scientific method?
a) To prove other scientists conclusions incorrect
b) To provide scientists with necessary information
c) To teach students about scientific laws
d) To determine answers for scientific questions

What is a hypothesis?
a) A silly guess
b) An educated guess based on research and schema
c) A question
d) The conclusion

What amount of sunlight makes pea plants grow tallest? What is the independent variable?
a) height of pea plants
b) amount of sunlight
c) type of soil

Is the height of a ball's bounce affected by the height from which the ball is dropped? What is the dependent variable?
a) Height from which the ball is dropped
b) Type of ball
c) Height of the ball's bounce

Is the following question testable? Can daisies grow in different types of soil?
a) Yes
b) No

Is the following question testable? Do daffodils smell better than carnations?
a) Yes
b) No

Is the following question testable? Are roses prettier flowers than tulips?
a) Yes
b) No

Is the following question testable? Does the amount of fertilizer affect how tall a flower grows?
a) Yes
b) No

The scientific tool that we measure the temperature of something is a
a) tape measure
b) graduated cylinder
c) ruler
d) thermometer

A statement or answer to a question that can be tested.
a) hypothesis
b) results
c) observation
d) conclusion

This tool is used by scientists to measure liquids for experiments.
a) thermometer
b) beaker
c) microscope
d) hand lens

This part of science uses the 5 senses.
a) results
b) data
c) observations
d) problem

The steps a scientist carries out to see if their hypothesis is correct is called
a) a recipe
b) directions
c) the scientific method
d) a list

Step 1 in the Scientific Method
a) problem
b) experiment
c) observe
d) results

A variable in your experiment that stays the same is called?
a) Independent Variable
b) Constant Variable
c) Dependent Variable
d) Conclusion

Should experiments be repeated over and over to see if the results are the same each time?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Sometimes

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