January 2023 Chemistry Regents Questions 1-10 Question Preview (ID: 61253)

Use Your Knowledge Of Chemistry To Answer All Questions In The Data Set. You Will Need Your Chemistry Reference Tables And A Calculator To Answer Some Of The Questions. Good Luck. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which type of bond forms when electrons are equally shared between two atoms?
a) a polar covalent bond
b) a nonpolar covalent bond
c) a hydrogen bond
d) an ionic bond

Which element has chemical properties most similar to sodium?
a) magnesium
b) oxygen
c) phosphorus
d) rubidium

Which substance contains elements chemically combined in a fixed proportion?
a) manganese
b) methane
c) silicon
d) strontium

Which property can be used to differentiate between a 50.-gram sample of solid potassium nitrate at STP and a 50.-gram sample of solid silver chloride at STP?
a) mass
b) temperature
c) phase
d) solubility

Which list of elements includes a metal, a metalloid, and a noble gas?
a) Rb, Cl, Ne
b) Sr, Si, Rn
c) Rn, Cl, Ne
d) Si, Rb, Sr

Which element has the lowest density at 298 K and 101.3 kPa?
a) argon
b) fluorine
c) nitrogen
d) oxygen

Which phrase describes the crystal structure and properties of two different forms of solid carbon called diamond and graphite?
a) same crystal structure and same properties
b) same crystal structure and different properties
c) different crystal structures and different properties
d) different crystal structures and same properties

Which two particles each have a mass approximately equal to one atomic mass unit?
a) positron and proton
b) positron and electron
c) neutron and electron
d) neutron and proton

An excited potassium atom emits a specific amount of energy when one of its electrons moves from
a) the first shell to the fourth shell
b) the second shell to the fourth shell
c) the fourth shell to the fifth shell
d) the fourth shell to the second shell

Which conclusion was developed as a result of the gold foil experiment?
a) Atoms are mostly empty space.
b) All atoms are hard, indivisible spheres.
c) Atoms have different volumes.
d) All atoms have the same volume.

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