January 2023 Earth Science Regents Questions 31-40 Question Preview (ID: 61251)

Use Your Knowledge Of Earth Science To Answer All Questions In The Data Set. You Will Need Your Earth Science Reference Tables And A Calculator To Answer Some Of The Questions. Good Luck. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The greatest amount of erosion is most likely occurring at locations

a) A and B
b) B and C
c) C and D
d) D and A

Which agent of erosion formed these drumlins?

a) wind
b) streams
c) moving ice
d) wave action

This fan-shaped feature is best identified as a

a) watershed
b) moraine
c) delta
d) tributary

The tendency of a mineral to split along fl at surfaces indicates the mineral property called
a) cleavage
b) fracture
c) composition
d) hardness

Based on the student’s observations, the mineral can best be identified as

a) magnetite
b) hematite
c) sulfur
d) pyrite

Which diagram best represents the new gibbous phase of the Moon as seen by an observer in New York State?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

How many days (d) are required for the Moon to complete a cycle of phases from one full Moon phase to the next full Moon phase?

a) 15.0 d
b) 27.3 d
c) 29.5 d
d) 365.3 d

At which two Moon phases will the difference in height between high tide and low tide most likely be the greatest?

a) new Moon and full Moon
b) new gibbous and old crescent
c) new crescent and old gibbous
d) first quarter and last quarter

Eclipses do not occur each time that the Moon revolves around Earth because the Moon’s

a) orbit is less eccentric than Earth’s orbit
b) orbit is inclined to Earth’s orbit
c) diameter is greater than Earth’s diameter
d) diameter is less than Earth’s diameter

The same side of the Moon always faces Earth because the period of revolution of the Moon is

a) shorter than the period of rotation of Earth
b) shorter than the period of rotation of the Moon
c) equal to the period of rotation of Earth
d) equal to the period of rotation of the Moon

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