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Why did the American Colonists feel justified in declaring their independence from Great Britain?
a) Most American colonists had no family or political ties to Great Britain
b) Government did not provide them with protection
c) Most American colonists traded with France and Spain.
d) Government was abusing their individual rights

What experience likely influenced the Framers of the Constitution to limit the powers of government?
a) Previous experience as a textile and manufacturing power
b) Previous experience with strong political parties halting the function of government
c) Previous experience living under the rule of the king of England.
d) Previous experience living under the strong central government of the Articles of Confederation

Which of the following shows some of the rights and responsibilities of a United States Citizen?
a) The right to stop paying taxes if protesting government policies
b) The right to remove public property if it is considered offensive
c) The right to farm on public land to grow and share food crops with others.
d) The right to practice any or no religion and to respect the ideas, opinions and beliefs of others.

Students at a local school are upset about choices offered at lunch. They protested and carried signs to show their feelings. What individual right are the students exercising?
a) Right to vote
b) Right to free speech
c) Right to public trial
d) Right to petition the government

Which individual right is most supported by outlawing employment discrimination?
a) Freedom of expression
b) Freedom of Assembly
c) Pursuit of Happiness
d) Right to Worship Freely

Which of the following is an example of Michigan’s state government providing for the common good.
a) Allowing protestors to demonstrate at the capitol
b) Building new roads and repairing bridges
c) Allowing the newspaper to report on state government activities
d) Delivering letters and packages

Which is a constitutional check on the power of the legislative branch?
a) The president can veto a bill from Congress
b) The president can remove a Supreme Court justice from office
c) The president can pardon individuals convicted of federal crimes
d) The president can campaign for individuals during Congressional elections

How does the President of the United States come to office?
a) Appointment by state legislatures
b) Elected by a popular vote and electoral college vote
c) Appointment by the supreme court
d) Elected by state governors and state legislatures

The purpose of government, as stated in the Preamble is...
a) To keep us safe
b) To make us wealthy
c) To increase population
d) To expand the country’s borders

What is the federal executive branch directly empowered to do?
a) Interpret current laws
b) Propose needed laws
c) Enforce current laws
d) Eliminate unneeded laws

Which action is carried out by the federal government?
a) Passing tax laws for certain states
b) Establishing public schools in particular states
c) Setting speed limits in local neighborhoods
d) Signing trade agreements with other countries

What would be a consequence of not collecting state taxes?
a) Hospitals would have a shortage of doctors and nurses
b) Consumer spending would decrease
c) Schools would become overcrowded
d) Some roads would not get repaired

Which example shows how the United States Constitution imposes checks and balances on the branches of government?
a) The president can veto an act of the legislature
b) The president can remove judges
c) The president has the power to officially declare war
d) The president has the power to appoint representatives.

John Peter Zenger wrote a newspaper article and said bad things about the governor. He was arrested and put in jail. What constitutional right was violated?
a) Freedom of religion
b) Right to peacefully assemble
c) Freedom of the Press
d) Right to petition the government

Which individual serving in the United States government has the primary function of creating laws?
a) Senator
b) President
c) Cabinet member
d) Federal Court Judge

John is not allowed to speak at a town council meeting. What right is he being denied?
a) Right to a fair trial
b) Freedom of Speech
c) Right to vote
d) Freedom to peacefully assemble

Which most allows the federal government to provide services to United States citizens?
a) The use of citizen volunteers
b) The control of natural resources
c) The power to collect taxes
d) The ownership of large businesses

Which of the following services are provided at the local level in Michigan?
a) Repairing expressways
b) Issuing drivers licenses
c) Maintaining state parks
d) Holding Elections

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