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The transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil can be done by water, ___________, or animals.
a) wind
b) fire
c) ice
d) monsters

Birds, bats, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, wasps, small mammals, and most importantly, bees are ____________.
a) insects
b) birds
c) pollinators
d) producers

The ____________ is the male part of the flower.
a) flower
b) pistil
c) stamen
d) root

_____________ is the process where pollen is transferred from the stamen to the pistil
a) pollination
b) collaboration
c) pistilization
d) examination

The _____________ is the female part of the flower.
a) pistil
b) stamen
c) leaf
d) sepal

Most plants reproduce with __________ which are formed by flowers.
a) stems
b) seeds
c) spores
d) roots

For a population to thrive, its members must be able to ___________________.
a) swim
b) migrate
c) reproduce
d) fly

__________ are the reproductive structures for plants.
a) Leaves
b) Roots
c) Stems
d) Flowers

The __________ for the plant and allow for the movement of water and nutrients.
a) roots
b) stems
c) leaves
d) flower

_______ are the primary site for photosynthesis. This is where plants make their own food.
a) Leaves
b) Roots
c) Stems
d) Flowers

The main functions of the __________ are to anchor the plant to the ground and to take water and nutrients from the ground.
a) leaves
b) roots
c) stems
d) flowers

Because animals cannot create their own food, they must eat other organisms to meet their energy needs. Therefore, they are considered:
a) decomposers
b) producers
c) consumers
d) habitat

Photosynthesis allows plants to trap energy from the _________ and convert it into sugar.
a) sun
b) moon
c) stars
d) earth

What gas, that humans need, do plants release during photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide
b) helium
c) oxygen
d) hydrogen

What gas do plants need for photosynthesis to occur?
a) oxygen
b) methane
c) carbon dioxide
d) propane

Plants use chlorophyll, along with water, carbon dioxide and sunlight to create food in the form of:
a) protein
b) yeast
c) flour
d) sugar

The green pigment plants used during photosynthesis is called:
a) chlorophyll
b) Leprechauns
c) greenophyll
d) slime

Green plants produce their own food in a process called:
a) carbonation
b) photosynthesis
c) pollination
d) crystalization

The ___________ and color of flowers are attractive to certain pollinators.
a) mass
b) height
c) weight
d) scent

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