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My friend ________ me in Los Angeles after he _____ from university.
a) visited / had graduated
b) visits / graduates

We ________ happy to meet Angelica because we ______ each other for years.
b) are / has not seen
c) were / hadn't seen
d) are / see

Matthew ______ devasted because he ______ his lucky T-shirt .
b) are / lost
c) is / is losing
d) was / had lost

Ethan ________ as an architect when he _____ his wife.
a) was working / met
b) is working / meets
c) works / meets

At this time yesterday, Jun Xiang _______ in the yard with his friends.
a) was playing
b) play
c) plays
d) has been playing

Lexus' mum ______ the dishes while he ______ dinner.
a) was washing / was cooking
b) wash / cook
c) washes / cooks
d) has been washing / cooked

When Yun Li _______ home, she quickly _______ dinner and ______ straight to bed.
a) came / had / went
b) coming / has / going
d) come / have / go

We _______ to the cinema last week. (go)
a) went
b) going
c) has gone
d) has been going

Yesterday at 11pm, Bryan ______. (sleep)
a) had slept
b) was sleeping
c) had sleeping
d) sleeping

I _______ Adrian after I _______ my first husband.
a) met / had divorce
b) meet / divorce
c) meeting / divorcing
d) has been meeting / divorced

By the time we _______ to the station, the train _____ already, so we ______ to wait for another one.
b) getting / has / leaving / deciding
c) get / has / leave / decides
d) got / had / left / decided

Kaine was delighted when he found his keys. _______ (look) for them for hours.
a) He has looked
b) He has not been looking
c) He'd been looking
d) He looks

Ashton was exhausted because ________ (work) since eight o' clock that morning.
a) he worked
b) he have worked
c) he'd been working
d) he works

The passengers were cross because the airline _____ (lose) everyone's bags.
a) had lost
b) has lost
c) has losing
d) has been losing

Everything was white because _______ (snow).
a) it'd been snowing
b) it has snowed
c) it has been snowed
d) it snows

We were very hungry because we _____ . (not / eat).
a) has eaten
b) has eating
c) hadn't eaten
d) has never eat

The children were wet because ______ football in the rain.score
a) they'd been playing
b) they'd played
c) they has play
d) they plays

Peter was Sally's best friend. _____him all her life.
a) She knows
b) She'd known
c) She knew
d) She has been knowing

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