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Manifest Destiny, Reform Movements. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Who is the Father of Education?
a) Eli Whitney
b) Henry Clay
c) John C Calhoun
d) Horace Mann

What did the writers of the 19th century help change?
a) Our National Identity
b) Freedom of the Press
c) Church lessons
d) The Constitution

What types of paintings did the students at the Hudson River School paint?
a) Still Life
b) Landscapes and Nature
c) People
d) Abstract Art

What did Eli Whitney invent?
a) The Light Bulb
b) The Telegraph
c) Specticles
d) Interchangeable Parts

What was the cause of urbanization?
a) Better jobs
b) Plantation work
c) Native Americans forced them out
d) Westward Expansion

Where did the majority of Immigrants come from in the 1800's?
a) Russia and Spain
b) France and Italy
c) Germany and Ireland
d) England and Holland

What group fought for Women's Rights and Temperance?
a) Sons of Liberty
b) Daughters of Temperance
c) The Illuminati
d) The Freedom Fighters

What happened in 1849?
a) The Cotton Gin was created
b) Civil Disobedience was created
c) California Gold Rush
d) The moon landing

Who was a Transcendentalist?
a) Ralph Waldo Emmerson
b) Frederick Douglass
c) Harriett Beecher Stowe
d) Santa Ana

Who owned both Texas and California?
a) Italy
b) Germany
c) Jackson
d) Mexico

Who owned both Florida and California?
a) Germany
b) Spain
c) Russia
d) England

What did Henry David Thoreau come up with?
a) Violent Protesting
b) The Indian Removal Act
c) Civil Disobedence
d) Missouri Compromise

What happened at Seneca Falls N.Y.?
a) A fire burnt down the courthouse
b) A Women's Rights Conference
c) Justin Bieber played a concert
d) The Republican Party was founded.

What President had the vision of Manifest Destiny?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) James K Polk
c) Andrew Jackson
d) John Q Adams

How did Jackson respond to the Georgia v Worcester ruling?
a) He ignored it
b) He enforced it
c) He fought all the Natives
d) He deported the natives to Mexico

Where were all the Natives relocated to during the Trail of Tears?
a) Montana
b) South Dakota
c) California
d) Oklahoma

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