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What is inertia?
a) Another name for unbalanced forces
b) The opposing force of gravity
c) The mass of an object
d) The tendency of an object to continue doing what it is currently doing

How long will an object remain at rest, according to Newton's First Law of Motion?
a) until an unbalanced force acts on it
b) it can rest
c) until it opposes an opposite force
d) until the weather changes

An an ice skater pushes harder with his leg muscles, he begins to move faster. This is an example of ...
a) Newton's First Law of Motion
b) Newton's Second Law of Motion
c) Newton's Third Law of Motion
d) Law of Conservation of Momentum

What is the reaction force when you place a cup on a table?
a) the force of the cup on the table
b) the force of the table on the cup
c) the force of gravity on the table
d) the force of gravity on the cup

You are riding a bike when suddenly you hit a large rock. The bike stops moving but you fly over the handlebars. This is an example of ....
a) Newton's First Law of Motion
b) Newton's Second Law of Motion
c) Newton's Third Law of Motion
d) Law of Conservation of Momentum

For every ______________, there is an equal and opposite ________________.
a) reaction, action
b) action, reaction
c) reaction, force
d) force, action

A rocket lifted off the ground and into space can be explained by
a) Newton’s first law.
b) Newton’s second law.
c) Newton’s third law.
d) the law of conservation of momentum.

According to Newton’s third law of motion, when a hammer strikes and exerts force on a nail, the nail
a) creates a friction with the hammer.
b) disappears into the wood.
c) exerts an equal force back on the hammer.
d) moves at a constant speed.

Which of the following is true?
a) When an object is traveling at constant speed and direction, it is accelerating.
b) The greater the force that is applied to an object, the less it will accelerate.
c) If an equal force is applied to two objects, the object with greater mass will accelerate more.
d) Acceleration takes place when an unbalanced force acts upon an object.

One way to increase acceleration is by
a) increasing mass.
b) decreasing mass.
c) decreasing force.
d) increasing both force and mass proportionally.

Which of Newton's Laws describes the amount of force applied to accelerate an object's mass?
a) Newton's First Law
b) Newton's Second Law
c) Newton's Third Law
d) Law of Conservation of Energy

Students in Ms. Gibson's class built balloon cars. The balloon car works this way. As the gas in the balloon is released, the car moves in the opposite direction. The bigger the balloon initially, the farther the car moves. The balloon car is a good
a) first law of motion.
b) second law of motion.
c) third law of motion.
d) law of gravitational attraction.

You are sitting in a car that isn't moving; suddenly, the car quickly accelerates. Your body seems to be pushed back against the seat. Which word best explains why your body seemed to be pushed backward against the seat?
a) newton
b) vector
c) gravity
d) inertia

If you know the amount of the unbalanced force acting upon an object and the mass of the object, using Newton's 2nd Law what could you calculate about the object?
a) acceleration
b) friction
c) inertia
d) gravity

Newton's First Law of Motion states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force change the motion. This is sometimes called the law of
a) acceleration.
b) uniformity.
c) inertia.
d) friction.

Julio hit a baseball. What caused the ball to change direction at the time of impact?
a) the force of gravity
b) the force of his swing
c) the speed of the ball
d) the weight of the air

Mrs. Dantzler drives her car 55 miles/hour west. The statement above best describes Mrs. Dantzler’s
a) speed
b) velocity
c) acceleration
d) force

Which object has more inertia?
a) bowling ball
b) beach ball
c) golf ball
d) ping pong ball

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