Vocabulary 3 Question Preview (ID: 61128)

Shelmerdine Chapter 4 Nouns And Adverbs. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

factum, facti (n)
a) deed, act, exploit, achievement
b) fact
c) face
d) fraction

oculus, oculi (n)
a) eye
b) ear
c) glasses
d) rock, stone

saxum, saxi (n)
a) rock, stone, cliff
b) sack, bag
c) eye
d) deed, act, exploit, achievement

verbum, verbi (n)
a) word
b) verb
c) verbal
d) voice

via, viae (f)
a) road; way
b) through
c) vary
d) visitor

a) easily
b) often
c) then
d) finally

a) non
b) none
c) no one
d) easily

a) often
b) always
c) then
d) finally

a) always
b) often
c) finally
d) then

a) finally
b) then, at that time, next
c) easily
d) at the same time

a) then, at that time;next
b) finally
c) tomb
d) often

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