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Cell phones transmit and receive signals using
a) microwaves
b) radio waves
c) UV waves
d) gamma rays

Cell phones work only if they are in a ___ system.
a) cellular
b) GPS
c) hub
d) receiver

An electromagnetic wave consists of
a) electric and magnetic fields
b) AM and FM waves
c) electrons and protons
d) particles of a medium

An electromagnetic wave have fields that travel ___ to one another.
a) perpendicular
b) parallel
c) together
d) stacked on top of

Polarized light consists of waves that vibrate
a) in only one direction
b) parallel to each other
c) in all directions
d) none of the above

The only type of electromagnetic wave that you can see is
a) visible light
b) gamma rays
c) radio waves
d) UV rays

AM radio waves can travel farther than FM radio waves because
a) AM waves are reflected by Earth's ionosphere.
b) AM waves produce better sound quality.
c) AM waves are faster than FM waves.
d) AM waves have constant amplitude.

Which of the following is listed in order of increasing energy?
a) radio waves, visible light, x rays
b) x rays, visible light, radio waves
c) infrared rays, visible light, radio waves
d) visible light, gamma rays, x rays

The energy that electromagnetic waves transfer through matter or space is called
a) electromagnetic radiation
b) thermal radiation
c) perpendicular radiation
d) x rays

A packet of light energy is called a
a) photon
b) neuron
c) interneuron
d) photoelectric effect

Which is NOT an electromagnetic wave?
a) sound
b) x ray
c) gamma ray
d) visible light

Radar is used to
a) detect objects and measure their distance and speed
b) call people
c) pick up sound waves
d) see inside the body

An infrared camera takes pictures called
a) thermograms
b) thermographs
c) thermometers
d) thermopics

Visible light that appears ___ is actually a mixture of many colors
a) white
b) black
c) pink
d) purple

What kind of vitamin does UV rays cause cells to make?
a) D
b) K
c) A
d) C

Why does a dentist cover you with a lead apron to take Xrays of your teeth?
a) to protect you from xrays
b) to get a better shot of the teeth
c) to black out everything else except the teeth
d) becuae they love to get the lead out

The electromagnetic spectrum includes the complete range of electromagnetic waves placed in order of
a) increasing frequency
b) increasing amplitude
c) increasing wavelength
d) decreasing frequency

AM signals travel as
a) changes, or modulations, in the amplitude of the wave
b) by changing the frequency of the wave
c) changing the wavelength of the wave
d) changing all of the above

FM waves meet the ionosphere. What do they do?
a) they pass through the ionosphere
b) they don't pass through the ionosphere

Which is more expensive to operate?
a) a satellite phone
b) a landline
c) a cell phone
d) walkie talkies

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