R-Eng IV List 4 Question Preview (ID: 61102)

Vocabulary For English IV (R-Eng 4). TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The child was certainly _______; her art skills surpassed those of all the other students.
a) precocious
b) dubious
c) fortuitous
d) ignominious

The task were so ________ it prevented me from finding any joy in the job.
a) ambiguous
b) mundane
c) frugal
d) pretentious

Even though there were several ways to get a correct answer, my math teacher made us follow a ______ procedure.
a) nonchalant
b) potent
c) tactful
d) uniform

There were several _______ in place to prevent the hospital from losing electrical power.
a) redundancies
b) indifferences
c) nuances
d) uniforms

Peeing his pants in front of the class was such an _________ experience, the kid never got over it.
a) ambiguous
b) ignominious
c) benevolent
d) tactful

attempting to impress by affecting greater importance than is actually possessed
a) pretentious
b) precocious
c) benevolent
d) potent

respectful, due to age or position
a) frugal
b) novice
c) benevolent
d) venerable

a) dubious
b) ambiguous
c) tactful
d) egregious

acting as if one is not bothered by circumstances around oneself
a) mundane
b) pretentious
c) nonchalant
d) characteristic

to remove from a position
a) oust
b) frugal
c) infer
d) nuance

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