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Where are dry summer tropical climates found in the US?
a) California
b) Arizona
c) Texas
d) Utah

Polar climates are characterized by
a) heavy precipitation
b) warm summers
c) thick vegetation
d) low rates of evaporation

Which of the folowing may cause long term changes in climate?
a) volcanic eruptions
b) changes in the shape of Earth's orbit
c) changes in the ocean's circulation
d) changes in solar output

Which of the greenhouse gas is the most powerful absorber of radiation emitted by Earth?
a) carbon dioxide
b) methane
c) nitrogen
d) water vapor

Which of the folowig is an example of human impact on climate change?
a) greenhouse effect
b) changes in solar output
c) global warming
d) change in the tilt of Earth's Axis

Which scientist discovered that Venus has phases, just like our moon?
a) Ptolemy
b) Copernicus
c) Kepler
d) Galileo

What is the shape of Earth's orbit
a) elliptical
b) circular
c) irregular
d) parabolic

Earth is closest to the sun at a point called
a) perihelion
b) apihelion
c) apogee
d) precession

Seasons are caused by
a) Earth's rotation
b) precession
c) Earth's tilted axis
d) Earth's distance from the sun

Which statement supports the giant impact hypothesis of the moon's formation
a) the moon lacks a sizeable iron coe
b) the moon is covered with craters
c) the moon's surface has changed draqmatically ove the past hundred million years
d) the moon has no mantle

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