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Which of these would be a way to connect a printer cost effectively in small network?
a) Add wireless NIC to printer
b) Update driver
c) Add Ethernet NIC
d) Connect to computer and share

Which is the lowest cost to add a printer to network?
a) computer shared
b) wireless print server
c) wired print server
d) pc print server

This is a slow port that might be used for old printers.
b) Serial
c) USB
d) Firewire

What is a way to fix lines on a laser jet output?
a) replace drum
b) update driver
c) clean nozzles
d) vacuum outside

Printouts are looking streaky on a laserjet. What to do?
a) Clean nozzles
b) Fix printhead
c) Replace ink
d) Shake toner

I want better quality scans. I need to change...
a) type of picture
b) RAM
c) output file format
d) picture size

Multiple users and multiple printers but no extra computers. I need...
a) print spooler
b) dedicated PC print server
c) computer shared printers
d) directly attached printers

Bad inkjet printouts with streaks. Do this.
a) change print quality
b) add RAM
c) clean printheads
d) replace printheads

Identify printers on network using...
a) name
b) manufacturer
c) type
d) location

How can I verify functionality of a printer besides a test page?
a) New paper
b) Print continuously
c) Change resolution
d) Check all print trays

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