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When Texas Was A Republic And Then Into Statehood. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What was the primary function of the Texas Rangers?
a) to protect settlers from Indian attacks
b) to police the U.S. territory
c) to capture Santa Anna

What is the belief that the U.S. should expand from Ocean to Ocean?
a) Council House Fight
b) Manifest destiny
c) American Progress

Who was the first president of the republic of Texas?
a) Jones
b) Houston
c) Lamar

What happened to Texas in 1845?
a) ceded to Britain
b) annexed to Mexico
c) annexed to the U.S.

What was President Lamar's nickname?
a) Father of Education
b) Father of Texas
c) Father of the U.S.

What river did the U.S. claim as the border between U.S. and Mexico
a) Nueces
b) Rio Grande
c) Mississippi

What land did the U.S. receive from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
a) Ohio River Valley
b) Oregon Territory
c) Mexican Cession

How did Houston try to get Texas out of debt?
a) He created redback money
b) broke Navy apart and sold the ships
c) Sold Land in Texas

Who was the second president of Texas/
a) Jones
b) Houston
c) Lamar

President Polk started a war with Mexico. Why?
a) To kill all Tejanos in Texas
b) To gain land for Manifest Destiny
c) To stop Manifest Destiny

The Council House Fight started because...
a) Comanche only brought one prisoner
b) Comanche wanted peace
c) Texas Rangers were happy to see the Comanche

Indian territory is in the present day state of -
a) Oklahoma
b) Texas
c) New Mexico

Who was President of Texas when Texas was annexed?
a) Houston
b) Lamar
c) Jones

What did Polk do in the disputed territory to provoke a war with Mexico?
a) created a law against slavery
b) sent troops to Rio Grande area
c) failed to send troops to Mexico

What land did the U.S. get after the Mexican-American War?
a) Mexican Cession
b) Texas
c) Florida

Winfrield Scott is remembered for the defeat of
a) Texas
b) Mexico City
c) Florida

what Native American Nation was forced to walk the Trail of Tears?
a) Cherokee
b) Comanche
c) Seminole

What mineral was discovered on Native American land in Georgia?
a) salt
b) silver
c) gold

What river did Mexico claim as the border between Mexico and the U.S.?
a) Rio Grande
b) Nueces
c) Brazos

Who was the President of the U.S. during the Trail of Tears?
a) Jackson
b) Houston
c) Lamar

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