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Where were the Israelites when they celebrated the passover?
a) Egypt
b) Moab
c) Sinai
d) Jerusalem

How old was the lamb that was sacrificed?
a) 1 year, Male
b) Any Age, Female
c) 13 year old, Male
d) New Born, Male

The first time the Jews ate matzah was
a) the night before leaving Egypt, at the first Passover Seder
b) after leaving Egypt in a hurry, with no time for their bread to rise
c) in 1888, when Manischewitz opened a small matzah bakery in Cincinnati, Ohio
d) when they settled in Eretz israel

The miracle of the plague of hail (grĂȘle) was
a) the frozen hail was also on fire
b) the hail was as big as soccer balls
c) it was summertime
d) the hail was coming from the ground

How many Jews were living in Egypt, prior to the onset of the plagues?
a) 15 million
b) 3 million
c) 600.000
d) 200.000

How were the Israelites told to cook the lamb?
a) Roasted over Fire
b) Medium Well
c) Baked in Stone Ovens
d) On the Brazen Altar

The Seder plate includes the following combination of 5 symbolic items
a) egg, bone, bitter herbs, parsley, charoset
b) wine, egg, bone, parsley, charoset
c) bone, bitter herbs, matza, avocado, charoset
d) egg, bone, bitter herbs, parsley, humus

What was the 8th plague ?
a) the plague of locusts
b) the plague of darkness
c) the plague of frogs
d) the plague of hail

Afikoman means
a) dessert
b) matza
c) a reward
d) an Egyptian magician

Two Haggadah texts not in Hebrew are
a) Ha Lachma Anya and Chad Gadya
b) Ha Lachma Anya and Mah Nishtanah
c) Dayenu and Adir Hu
d) Echad Mi Yodea and Chad Gadya

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